Demolition, Excavation, and Land Clearing

Demolition, Excavation, and Land Clearing

Hydrangea Hill Farm provides expert and highly precise demolition, excavation and land clearing services. 

  • Land clearing for new homes, expansions and hardscape installations
  • Site grading and leveling to engineered specifications
  • Demolition of existing structures and excavation
HHF has an extensive inventory of construction and land services equipment in Rhode Island

Land Clearing

Land clearing in Rhode Island for any of the following:

  • New additions to your home
  • New home construction
  • New Sheds and garages
  • New Pools, patios and driveways

Site Grading and Leveling

  • Precise to any engineered specifications for drainage

Demolition and Excavation

  • Removal of old patios, driveways, other hardscape
  • Removal of old sheds / other residential structures
  • Removal of landscape walls, etc.